The $69,000 Lawlsuit:

Jesse Powell-Stroud is a shemale Neo-Nazi that has dressed up in blackface. He does not deserve any respect. Anyone who supports this “man” is a Nazi lover and should be shunned or even investigated by the FBI. I don’t care if I broke Godwin’s law. He is Hitler.

Here is the breakdown of my $69,000 owed by this shemale.

$35,000 = Lost Wages. I quit a good, well-paying job, due to being harassed by Jesse Powell-Stroud through nasty emails, phone calls, and constant YouTube comments. My job would have been extended until 9/11/20, but I left on 3/4/20 due to the stress caused by Powell-Stroud.

$6,000 = Legal fees for a prior court case I had caused indirectly by Powell-Stroud’s behavior toward Asterios Kokkinos which led to the original LOLSuit.

$13,000 = Legal fees for a former friend that they wanted me to pay but I pled no contest.

$15,000 = F*CK ME DANIELLE PANABAKER. Seriously. If this ever goes to court and I am put on trial, my strategy is to strip naked shouting “F*CK ME DANIELLE PANABAKER” repeatedly until they remove me from court and probably hospitalize me for the 20th time!

That is all.

If you disagree with me, you are wrong. FACT.