I am a libertarian but not always a Libertarian. Most well-designed political assessments would place me as around 80-90/100 for Social Liberal and 60-80/100 for Fiscal Conservative.

Generally, libertarians would be considered "socially liberal" and "fiscally conservative", though they dislike that label because it plays too much to the two-dimensional Liberal-Conservative line that has dominated American politics for nearly a century.

This site is my home online, and it is how I represent myself as a person. I am looking forward to discussing Libertarianism with others.

I am going to write a book on Libertarian politics and how they are misrepresented by many. I currently have five political/Libertarian essays posted online.

Libertarian Essays:

Intelligent Environmentalism - Some ideas on environmentalism.

Five Big Politician Lies - Five lies politicans love to use

A New Third Party - An idea for a new third party in the USA.

Reform the Libertarian Party - How to make the Libertarian party more viable.

The Problem with Daylight Savings Time - Issues with Daylight Savings Time (and its extension signed into law in 2005)