I have made the decision recently to be open about my issues. For far too long, there has been a stigma on those who have mental health issues, and that is something that needs to be changed.

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Rock vs. Metal - My opinion on defining "rock" and "metal" in music. - 8/14/14

Done being "Electric" - A goodbye letter to people who see me only as "Electric" on YouThink.com. - 8/4/2014

Aspie Culture is Bullshit - My rather biased opinion on Asperger's Syndrome. - 6/12/2014

Trolling - 5/16/2014

5 Bike Safety Tips - From ME, an experienced bicyclist of years. - 5/4/2014

SOCIAL MEDIA ROCKSTAR NEEDED - Satire of terrible and dumb job postings that you'll find on Craigslist. - 5/4/2014

Medium or Large - My frustration with certain fast food chains that use misleading questions to upsell their products. - 3/14/2014

MisterBurgers Analysis - My analysis of my hamburger reviews I have done on YouTube... full of SPSS output and nerdulence. - 10/30/2013

Intelligent Environmentalism - Instead of banning plastic bags, we should do things that will actually help the environment rather than annoy people under the age of 40. - 4/20/2013

Five Big Politician Lies - Five lies politicans love to use. - 9/11/2012

Time Bank Breaks - An idea on how to do breaks for companies... time banks instead of uniform break time amounts for all. - 8/22/2012 (started earlier)

My Ideal MMO - Piece about what I feel an MMORPG could be, someday. - 8/22/2012

A New Third Party - Thoughts on Libertarians and Greens working together and taking the best of both platforms. - 6/26/2012

Craigslist Band Searching - My frustrataion with trying to start or join a band through Craigslist. - 4/4/2012

The Problem with DST - My thoughts on some things that make Daylight Savings Time problematic. - 3/21/2012

How to Fix the Libertarian Party - My suggestions on how to make the Libertarian Party more electable and regarded as a potential threat to the two-party system. - 3/7/2012

"Nice Guys" - A longer piece on what "nice" actually means, and why a lot of "nice guys" aren't what they claim to be. - 3/3/2012

Anonymous are Idiots - My not-exactly-unbiased take on Anonymous, the plague of the Internets and the eaters of many cheetos. - 2/28/2012

Coin Operated Laundry - Why must apartments force us to pay with quarters for our laundry? - 2/26/2012

You Don't like Everything - My frustrations with people who insist they like "everything" in terms of music - 2/23/2012

McDonald's Health - McDonald's is healthier than most other burger chains, probably because they get so much more attention from the media. - 2/20/2012

3D Movies - My thoughts on the "3D Movie" and "3D TV" gimmicks that just aren't going away... yet. - 2/18/2012

Job Rejection Notices - My frustration with various robotc job rejection letters and some job boards that are less than helpful. - 2/2012


Overrated Technology - I call out a few modern technologies worshiped by some that are not as great as they seem. - 6/2010

Cheese - Something about how I don't like cheese. And random mentioning of towns you've never been to, probably. - 6/2010

Living at Home - My original rant I just made, about living at home. It's what a lot of us know, but none of us are really going to say to our parents or friends. - 6/2010

Lifehouse - My rambling essay explaining my love for an alternative rock band that no one else will understand like I do, or so I think. - 6/2010

Other Projects

Manic Baseball - ManicBaseball.com, my young project with a lot of potential and a very small fanbase. If you're into baseball or SPSS, you'll enjoy this. - 2010-12

My Writing - All of my writings that used to be on my website as a teenager are online once again. I'm looking for critique and potential publishers with some of them! - 2001-12