Blatant homage/ripoff of Maddox (but not as funny, mostly the 90s HTML design.)

Like almost any project I have ever done, this is mostly about me and getting attention for myself. But that is really the point of the entire Internet, and I for one am not going to deny that I want a lot of people reading what I write. Everyone wants it, but a lot of people making sites pretend they do not. I want to define my own name on the internet, due to mostly unfounded fears that my name has some how been sullied by the work of less than scrupulous people. But mostly, I'm here to entertain.

Updated somethetimes (but not enoguhthetimes).

Walker LORD Playbook -- LORD (Legend of the Red Dragon) Playbook by Allan Boone AKA Walker. Play LORD today!

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Medium or Large - My frustration with certain fast food chains that use misleading questions to upsell their products. - 3/14/2014

MisterBurgers Analysis - My analysis of my hamburger reviews I have done on YouTube... full of SPSS output and nerdulence. - 10/30/2013

Intelligent Environmentalism - Instead of banning plastic bags, we should do things that will actually help the environment rather than annoy people under the age of 40. - 4/20/2013

Five Big Politician Lies - Five lies politicans love to use. - 9/11/2012

Time Bank Breaks - An idea on how to do breaks for companies... time banks instead of uniform break time amounts for all. - 8/22/2012 (started earlier)

My Ideal MMO - Piece about what I feel an MMORPG could be, someday. - 8/22/2012

A New Third Party - Thoughts on Libertarians and Greens working together and taking the best of both platforms. - 6/26/2012

Craigslist Band Searching - My frustrataion with trying to start or join a band through Craigslist. - 4/4/2012

The Problem with DST - My thoughts on some things that make Daylight Savings Time problematic. - 3/21/2012

How to Fix the Libertarian Party - My suggestions on how to make the Libertarian Party more electable and regarded as a potential threat to the two-party system. - 3/7/2012

"Nice Guys" - A longer piece on what "nice" actually means, and why a lot of "nice guys" aren't what they claim to be. - 3/3/2012

Anonymous are Idiots - My not-exactly-unbiased take on Anonymous, the plague of the Internets and the eaters of many cheetos. - 2/28/2012

Coin Operated Laundry - Why must apartments force us to pay with quarters for our laundry? - 2/26/2012

You Don't like Everything - My frustrations with people who insist they like "everything" in terms of music - 2/23/2012

McDonald's Health - McDonald's is healthier than most other burger chains, probably because they get so much more attention from the media. - 2/20/2012

3D Movies - My thoughts on the "3D Movie" and "3D TV" gimmicks that just aren't going away... yet. - 2/18/2012

Job Rejection Notices - My frustration with various robotc job rejection letters and some job boards that are less than helpful. - 2/2012


Overrated Technology - I call out a few modern technologies worshiped by some that are not as great as they seem. - 6/2010

Cheese - Something about how I don't like cheese. And random mentioning of towns you've never been to, probably. - 6/2010

Living at Home - My original rant I just made, about living at home. It's what a lot of us know, but none of us are really going to say to our parents or friends. - 6/2010

Lifehouse - My rambling essay explaining my love for an alternative rock band that no one else will understand like I do, or so I think. - 6/2010

Other Projects

Manic Baseball -, my young project with a lot of potential and a very small fanbase. If you're into baseball or SPSS, you'll enjoy this. - 2010-12

My Writing - All of my writings that used to be on my website as a teenager are online once again. I'm looking for critique and potential publishers with some of them! - 2001-12